3D Solar, Inc., has developed multiple patented three dimensional solar panel technologies that generate more power per solar cell.  Our most exciting design uses 2 reflectors per cell and was recently shown to produce over 50% more power per cell.  We are still assembling our prototype 2-reflector per cell module, but hope to post pictures soon.

An earlier design using 1 reflector per cell was shown to produce 25% more power per cell.  (This performance was independently verified and refers to a side-by-side test under standard test conditions.) Because 3D Solar panels get more power from each solar cell, we use fewer cells, and our panels cost less to produce.

Our patented module designs yield significant savings. Savings depend on the solar cell technology used (i.e. a more efficient solar cell yields greater savings).  Our technology works with any existing solar cell technology.

Below is a photograph of a recent single reflector prototype panel.